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Uncompromising Quality at Supersonic Speeds

Boom Logic is a boutique IT consulting company and MSP designed from ground up to deliver intimate care and quality service that simply cannot be matched by large, quantity-based MSPs.


Managed IT Services & Support

Everything you've ever needed in IT and a lot more!

From individual workstations to your servers and network. From web presence to HIPAA compliance. If it has electricity flowing through it and it's an integral part of your business, then it's our business!

We're here to discuss your needs. All you have to do is take that first step and ...

Network Support

Your Servers and Network is the heart of your hardware. We are here to optimize it's configuration, keep it safe from attacks, secure it from glitches, and safeguard your data. We'll keep your servers in tip-top shape so you can focus on your vision and goals.

Healthcare & HIPAA

Healthcare is more crucial to our wellbeing today as ever before and Boom Logic is your best HIPAA compliance resource and friend. Whether you're a single provider, a small non-profit community health center or an FQHC with ten or more location in the California, Nevada and Arizona tri-state area, Boom! Logic will ensure that your plans are met and expectations exceeded as we shepherd you through government regulations and requirements.

Desktop Support

Are your computer workstations functioning at their best? Workstation is Life. Boom Logic is your first line of defence against computer issues, errors and threats. Delivering expert IT solutions at supersonic speeds and efficiency. Email, ticketing, remote and onsite options are at your fingertips. Our response is targeted, swift and affective.

Website Design & Development

Your business needs to be online. Boom Logic can make it happen. No need to do the guess work. No need to riffle through endless templates that really never fit. We're here, we listen, we converse, we create -- a website that is simply you, moving you forward in this digital age.


Your product needs to be online now! Boom! Logic can get your Online Store up and ready in an instant. Shopping Carts, Online Payments, Delivery Tie Ins, Buyer Reviews, Chat Tools, even Lay-aways. All your eStore needs are within your reach. Time to open up shop!

Website Maintenance

The best websites go beyond the initial set-up. There's a lot of maintenance involved, a ton of security, daily clean-ups, and upgrades to keep up with the times. Boom Logic can do all of these and more. We even cater specialized web hosting for unique server configurations not found through shared hosting providers.

We mean it when we say that our clients are family. Quite simply, we could not do what we do if we did not adopt this approach. We understand what it takes for you to take that leap and hand over your IT infrastructure to a stranger, but our story does not stop there. It is continuously growing, along with our family of clients. This is why we offer communication and transparency at every stage as we welcome you to Boom Logic. We relish the challenge of your project and can't wait to hear about your aims, your objectives, and, yes, your dreams.

Reach out and let's begin — let's discuss how Boom Logic can help you get where you want and deserve to be.


Exceptional Service.
Unmatched Reliability.

When it comes to IT,
the world is your oyster!


You are…

  • a start-up, and have little training in IT management.

  • a growing business and you can think of many better ways to spend your hard-earned capital than on IT support.

  • a large company looking for the best fully managed IT services in the market.

Get Set...

We've empowered small to large companies and aided them in surpassing their technological targets. We make this and more possible regardless of the volume of your needs or the size of your ambitions.



We don't just simply resolve your issues, we get immersed and integrate seamlessly with your company. Singularly targeted and customized solutions are waiting for you!

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