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About Boom Logic

For Boom Logic, there is no lost cause, no hopeless task, and no challenge that can't be overcome. Instead, there is a simple — yet brilliant — solution for every obstacle we may find along the way. This can-do attitude is at the very heart of what we offer, and we approach each and every problem with the same positive, proactive outlook.

Our Story

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Arthur is the founder and CEO of Boom Logic, an IT services and consulting company based out of Los Angeles, California. His fascination with technology came from his father — a physicist — and has been cultivated throughout his life by his own unquenching thirst for learning. 

Arthur’s Background & The Foundation for Our Work Here at Boom Logic

Arthur started work at a young age, and his career path since then has been a colorful tapestry of different sectors and industries. He has climbed many corporate ladders and started his share of new businesses and as his life took him from one interesting challenge to another, he formed a chess player’s view of the entire business landscape — knowledge that he imparts to us, his team, and which we put into action on a day-to-day basis as we fulfill our commitment to excellent service for our clients.

He began to carve out his own niche, working as an IT consultant and offering support and services to small businesses in healthcare. These businesses need HIPAA compliance support and managed IT services designed to give them a real competitive advantage in the market. This forms the basis for his expertise, and he used this as a foundation upon which to build the Boom! Logic team, which now provides trusted IT management services to businesses across a wide range of industries.

An Evolving Mission, Honing Our Offerings to Clients

Our mission is simple: to combine the cutting-edge technologies we utilize to manage your IT with an equally impressive and friendly human interface.

Boom Logic began as a boutique MSP and, it prides us to say, has no plans of becoming big. We are as picky about our clients as our clients are about their MSP. We believe that truly symbiotic relationships are built on time and attention, not quantity. As the team of Boom! Logic, we can promise you two things:

  1. We will always make myself personally accessible to you at your time of need

  2. The IT buck will always stop at our feet

There are no half-measures with Boom Logic. We don't cut corners or make compromises. Instead, we work with you to understand your key aims, your budget, and your expectations, and then we put our plan into action. 

Going above and beyond is something we are very proud of here at Boom Logic. We've already touched on our service with a smile philosophy, and we want to deliver that smile to you — our valued client — too.

Going the Extra Mile for Our Clients

A Growing Family — Unity in a Divided World

We live in a fractured world, a world in which divisive politics, racism, sexism, and socioeconomic disparity are tearing our society apart. Our team members are firm believers in being the change we wish to see, and so we lead by example.

Our clients are our family — a family with inclusion and togetherness at its very core. Together, we can create something different. We can create a world in which positivity and possibility reign supreme, waving goodbye to the negativity that has characterized the recent years.

We wouldn't be able to provide the best for our clients if we were not honest. We believe in open communication, discussing your project with the frankness and truthfulness that is crucial to achieving the very best results — and we build this into the fabric of our service.

Whether we are guiding your team with close tech support, or putting your mind at ease with IT solutions tailored to maximize your output, we stay by your side at every turn. This is our commitment to transparency, and this is why we're sure you're going to love working with us.

Honesty, Reliability, and Transparency

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