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Complete and Innovative IT Services Delivered at
Mind-blowing Speeds

Network Support

Your Network is the lifeforce of your business. We are here to fine-tune it, keep it safe from attacks, secure it from glitches, and safeguard your data from possible intrusions to ensure business continuity at all times. 

Desktop Support

You and your team should never take your eyes off of your game. When something doesn't quite work right or is otherwise frustrating and making you unproductive, we are an extremely easy trouble-ticket away from quickly coming to your aid.

Healthcare & HIPAA Compliance

Now, more than ever, healthcare is crucial. Boom Logic is your best HIPAA compliance resource today. Whether you're a single provider, a small non-profit community health center or an FQHC with ten or more locations nationwide in the continental U.S., Boom Logic will tailor a service plan to meet and exceed your expectations.

Website Design & Development

Your business needs to be online. Boom Logic can make it happen. No need to do the guess work. No need to riffle through endless templates that really never fit. We're here, we listen, we converse and we create a website that is simply you, moving forward in this digital age.


Your product needs to be online now! Boom Logic can get your online store up and ready in an instant. From shopping carts, online payments, delivery tie ins, buyer reviews, chat tools, and even layaways. All your eStore needs are within your reach. Time to open up shop!

Website Maintenance

The best websites go beyond the initial set-up. There's a lot of maintenance involved, a ton of security, daily clean-ups, and upgrades to keep up with the times. Boom Logic can do all of these and more. We even cater specialized web hosting for unique server configurations not found through shared hosting providers.



And finally, we wouldn't be able to provide the best for our clients if we were not honest. We believe in open communication, discussing your project with the frankness and truthfulness that is crucial to achieving the very best results — and we build this into the fabric of all our service.

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